Two Thousand Maniacs LP

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Two Thousand Maniacs LP


There’s a story you should know…

  • Audio remastered

  • First time the complete score has been available on any format (there was a rad Rhino release in 84 that had about half the cues)

  • Liner notes by Herschell Gordon Lewis

  • Stoughton gatefold packaging, full color inner sleeve, DL code

  • Includes two bonus songs (me recording HG Lewis a few months before he passed away)

Choose your vinyl colorway:

  • 180 Gram Black 

  • Clear red with black swirl (retail/mailorder variant)

  • Smokey clear with red swirl (TV record club variant - join here to receive this)

It should be noted, some of the audio sources for this were better than others so some of it sounds a little iffy. We worked with what exists and considering it’s a 54 year old movie, I think it sounds pretty good. Just putting this out there for those that are picky so that you don’t have audiophile expectations on it. Most of it sounds ace though.

Last but not least, you’ll receive a DL code featuring everything on the LP AND some bonus stuff. Herschell told me I should release the ENTIRE recording session from his living room (all the dialogue, all the takes etc). So because I love/trust him, I’m moving forward with his wishes. The only difference is he wanted me to do that on vinyl, haha (it’d be a box set). Have fun with it all. xo


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